Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tom Campbell WHHY News Audio Found, Advertiser-Journal Articles Posted

On Easter Sunday, March 26, 1978, TSgt Tom Campbell, who was a Security Policeman with the 3800th Security Police Squadron, Maxwell AFB, AL, was killed in the line of duty while responding to a "man with a gun" call. The murder occurred in the Maxwell Heights off base housing complex just east of Air Base Blvd.

  • Philip "J.P." Brown recently found a cassette tape recording of a WHHY (FM 102) newscast from March 27, 1978, about the murder of Sgt Campbell.

  • Special thanks to Steve Smith (WHHY Program Director) for granting permission to post the digital audio of the newscast by Alan Young.

    WHHY web site

    Broadcast by WHHY (FM 101.9) on March 27, 1978.
    (©1978 WHHY (Y-102). Used with permission. All rights reserved.)

  • Two stories from the Montgomery newspapers, The Montgomery Advertiser (morning) and the Alabama Journal (afternoon), were stored away, and have now been scanned.

  • Special thanks to Karlene Barnett for conveying, and to Wanda Lloyd (Montgomery Advertiser Executive Editor) for granting, permission to post the scanned articles.

    Advertiser web site

    Page 1 - Banner

    Page 1 - Story

    Page 2 - Continuation

    Published in The Montgomery Advertiser on March 27, 1978.
    (©1978 Montgomery Advertiser. Used with permission. All rights reserved.)

    Page 13 - Header

    Page 13 - Story

    Published in the Alabama Journal on March 27, 1978.
    (©1978 Montgomery Advertiser. Used with permission. All rights reserved.)


    Bill Felder said...

    Tom Campbell was a great person. I was an SP Investigator at Gunter AFS when this tragic event occurred. My wife Rose and myself attended his funeral at Cleveland , Ala. RIP Tom Campbell

    Jim McDade said...

    I covered this tragic event as a street reporter for WHHY. I recall how mutually supportive the city and base officials appeared to be in responding to this awful crime.

    SARidg said...

    I was shocked when I saw these clippings. As a child who lived on the street when this happened it was scary. I remember the scene like yesterday.

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